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For a long period of time plant macerates have been used as de-wormers, however, there is lack of scientific validation of these practices.
Munchers can be combined with a Mono pump to create a complete packaged solution, which simultaneously macerates and pumps a product, smoothly and efficiently.
To provide a solution to this problem, Thames Water specified Mono's TR Muncher, which macerates heavy solids and rags to a small particle size to protect the plant's process equipment.
The Seepex solution pumps and macerates the hot and viscous potato peel waste at up to five tonnes per hour.
After a considerable amount of time (at least one hour and at most two weeks), the macerate was filtrated and stored at 23-25[degrees]C for further analysis.
The Pairs of discs were treated either with 40 [micro]l solution of 2, 6-dimethoxybenzoquinone (DMBQ) (10 [micro]M) or 40 [micro]l of sorghum root macerate. Striga germlings resulting from seeds conditioned in nutrient broth medium or in distilled water similarly treated with DMBQ or sorghum root macerate were included as controls for comparison.