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48 Macerating machines for the elimination of biological waste, in favor of the hospitals San Filippo Neri, Ophthalmic and Holy Spirit Health Authority ASL Roma 1, together with the provision of supports and consumables for such equipment.
Treatments feature nutrient-rich products that are 100 percent Polynesian, most fashioned fresh daily from fruit enzymes, Tamanu oil antioxidants, sea salt minerals, and nourishing Monoi oil obtained by macerating fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined coconut oil, traceable back 2,000 years.
Made by macerating Plymouth Gin with fresh sloe berries and a touch of sugar, the 52-proof ruby red liqueur has a generous bouquet of plums and raspberries and a lingering pleasantly tart finish of honey and berries.
The formulations are rarely complex, and usually consist of simple extraction of juice from whole plant or plant parts through squeezing or macerating the plant part; the juice is then topically applied or orally administered, depending on the nature of the disease.
To do this, you may need a macerating toilet, which isn't ideal because the pipes connecting it can become blocked.
In this study were used for laboratory trials three commercial macerating pectolytic enzyme preparations with corresponding quantities suggested of producer:
In addition, Mono will be promoting its range of Munchers" at the show, which provide a reliable method of macerating food and organic waste matter into a small and consistent particle size.