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McLeod: One area that we focus on is maceration management, as the process is a partial extraction of a partial extraction.
Since the total phenol value is a record of the total extraction, it is a great way to see the adherence to the winemaker's maceration protocol as performed by the cellar master and cellar staff.
Rose wines get their color from a brief maceration with the red or blue grape skins.
Follicles that were isolated from ripe ovaries by such maceration techniques were rapidly washed once with filtered seawater (SW) and subsequently kept at 12 [degrees]- 16 [degrees] C.
At various time-points after maceration of the ovaries, the isolated follicles were drawn through the Nitex-covered syringe 5-10 times so that nearly all of the oocytes were completely stripped of their follicle cells without significantly damaging the oocytes.
Roger) Boulton (at the University of California, Davis) has been talking about this subject for 30 years, and with wineries that do extended macerations, this seems to be a substantial problem.
I asked if seed removal wouldn't be one way to lower total tannins, especially for wines that undergo extended post-fermentation maceration.
Knowing that the real character in red wine comes from the skins, many California wine-makers who are aiming to get lots of flavor into their wine rely to a great degree on extended post-fermentation maceration.
With long maceration, the short-chain tannins polymerize into long-chain tannins, and this has the effect of "integrating" the tannins into the wine, making it softer.