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But I still feel that a Type I with macerator should be an acceptable substitute for a holding tank.
I'll write about the macerator, incline water heater, catalytic heater, and a few other things people have been asking about another time.
Other features include a 45-gallon live-well and tackle storage unit, two overboard-draining boxes forward, lockable rod storage port and starboard, and a 120-gallon fish box with macerator.
All of the waste goes through Pump Station 3 where a macerator grinds everything into small pieces for easier processing.
Add antifreeze and pump through hoses, holding tank, y-valve, macerator and discharge hose.
Among standard features are bow (15 gallon) and stern (48 gallon) livewells with 1,100 GPH pumps, lockable and undergunwale rod storage to 9 feet, and a forward, 80-gallon insulated compartment that may be outfitted with a macerator for bluewater-size fishbox capacity.
If youwant your newbathroom or loo in a place away fromexisting waste pipes you could save hassle and money by using a system with a macerator pump.
However there is a way to add these facilities economically wherever space permits: Saniflo small bore macerator pumping systems.
Install a macerator which mashes up the waste and pumps it down a 22mm pipe to a remote soil stack or sewer.
MM-HI PRO macerator keeps pace with any injector for deep single or double-cutting action of boneless meats and poultry.
Sewage disposal is aided by a macerator, a tool which liquefies solids.
The Sanicompact from Saniflo is a super compact WC that will fit into tight spaces and has an integral macerator pumping system.