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The 29-year-old porn actor, dubbed the Canadian Psycho and the Macerator by the press, had been previously spotted in Paris, France, and is believed to have traveled to Germany by bus.
You could use a Saniflo macerator WC if it's too much hassle to run waste pipes there.
If you can't get a waste pipe to fit, you can install a Saniflo macerator.
The waste can go to a holding tank for later pump out, or to the macerator then over the side, when offshore.
Developed a field macerator that reduces alfalfa hay drying time by 2 days, increases dry matter digestibility, and improves protein use by the cow.
A YES, if the WC has a built-in pump and macerator.
But I still feel that a Type I with macerator should be an acceptable substitute for a holding tank.
I'll write about the macerator, incline water heater, catalytic heater, and a few other things people have been asking about another time.
Other features include a 45-gallon live-well and tackle storage unit, two overboard-draining boxes forward, lockable rod storage port and starboard, and a 120-gallon fish box with macerator.
Tenders are invited for the multi-supplier framework will be established on a national basis and sub-divided into two separate lots detailed below: lot 1: the supply and delivery of pumps, parts and accessories to irish water, with the following sub-lots: (a) wet well submersible pump(s) (b) dry well submersible pumps(s) (c) borehole/well pump(s) (d) macerator pump(s) (e) positive displacement/dosing pump(s) (f) end suction pump(s) (g) multistage booster lot 1 tenderers shall be required to provide rates for pump accessories and pipework as part of their tender.
Recently, the hotel has installed a dewaterer and macerator machine to streamline its waste management scheme and save on cost, time and labour.