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Fishing options abound inside the cockpit, including custom livewells, insulated fishboxes with macerators, rocket launcher rod holders and outriggers.
Female hatchlings, who are useless to foie gras producers, may be drowned in scalding water, suffocated in plastic bags or shredded alive in macerators.
There are also horizontal macerators, somewhat like rotary fermentors, which employ heating elements and paddles to heat the grapes to about 125[degrees]F for 24-48 hours.
Standard features include side-by-side, coiled fresh- and raw-water hoses, a full cockpit combing pad, twin fishboxes with macerators and a bait-rigging station with a sink, tackle drawers and rod holders galore (we lost count at 19).
Recently published undercover investigations showed male baby chicks (unfit for egg production) suffocated in plastic garbage bags or ground to death in large macerators, pigs clobbered by metal pipes and killed by hanging, and assorted animals skinned and dismembered at the slaughterhouse while still conscious.
It involves devices called macerators which break down solid wastes into a liquid which can be pumped uphill into the drains.
It's part of the contract, is designed to keep the loo macerators working at full speed, and must be taken between 8.