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In chapter 4, "Machiavellian Discourse in the Hispanic Baroque Reason-of-State Tradition," Howard addresses later developments in attitudes towards the Italian diplomat, showing how even Spanish writers who do not directly address political matters will continue to spread Machiavelli's concepts.
This suggests that, as an employee's PDO increases, he or she may be less likely to suspect or question a supervisor's real motives and purposes and, thus, may perceive even a Machiavellian supervisor's ethical behaviors to be genuine.
The first section, "Character Behavior for Princes," is focused on networking and other leadership skills necessary for the Machiavellian librarian.
If you want to tell weather your boss is psychopathic, Machiavellian, a narcissist or - even worse - all three, decide whether you strongly agree, agree, feel it applies sometimes, disagree or strongly disagree and give a score from 5 for strongly agree to 1 for strongly disagree for each character trait.
At the time of Medicean's retirement to stud, there had been a number of successful examples of Machiavellian working with Danzig such as Almutawakel and Kahal, which probably played its part in Medicean receiving a healthy number of Danzig line mares throughout his stud career.
So far, research on the relation between Machiavellian orientation and behavioral outcomes has been substantial.
Serewicz offers an illuminating investigation of how Dean Rusk secretary of state under presidents Kennedy and Johnson; Henry Kissinger who held the same position under Richard Nixon; and Lyndon Johnson created and confronted this Machiavellian Moment.
Like Hume, Machiavellian republicans thought reason to be the slave of the passions.
In addition, the authors in this collection all argue in various ways that the Lockean and Machiavellian traditions of political theory, traditions that had been regarded as distinct and as issuing in competing narratives of the American founding, are in fact compatible, hence the "liberal republican" legacy of the title.
Other topics include Machiavellian approaches to women, masculinity, the stage, mayhem and sex, imprudence, Machiavelli's ongoing appeal and a very interesting piece on Shakespeare's Machiavellian muses.
The results reveal that age is inversely related to Machiavellianism, that there are significant differences between males' and females' perceptions of Machiavellianism, and that less educated people are more Machiavellian than better-educated people.
Although an acclaimed Shakespearean actor, his portrayal of Machiavellian Tory chief whip Urquhart was the defining role of his career.