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But as the Gang of Four (2) began to machinate ways to empower themselves and vent the peasantry's anger toward the high class and any remnants of imperialism, intellectuals, foreigners and supporters of old Chinese culture became the target as they were tried in humiliating public hearings and sent to reeducation camps.
At Brier Park, the Middleton plantation, where he has gone to settle with Flora, he discovers Clarence's presence, and so he conceals himself in the family vault, from whence he can covertly machinate against his brother, although they later meet at the tomb and fight.
8) I should like to suggest that these assumptions are mistaken; that the sentence states an open condition, and that [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] refers not to Mytilene alone, but to both Mytilene and Athens: `For if we were able both to machinate against each other and to bide our time against each other on equal terms, what obligation was there for us to be at their disposal in the same way as they were at ours?
If Lorenzo Amoruso is having a bad game, you can always try: "Amoruso e carne machinate.
Et essendo di dovere, che io procuri la mia sodisfattione, per tanto con la presente vi sara fatto intender, che mentre nel piu breve termine non mi sara da voi corrisposto quanto di ragione se mi aspetta, io per quello conseguire, passaro per queue vie, che di Giustitia mi competiscono, protestando nel resto di nullita alla sudetta vostra machinate et chimerica scrittura, et cio in ogni miglior modo, et toties, quoties.
un'infamissima magia machinate dall'ambitione" ("an infernal specter, a false and devilish chimera, a most infamous form of wizardry, fruit of the machinations of ambition"), see Tarabotti, 1990, 42.
Her six sprites garbed in quasi-exotic kimonos flitted and helped machinate the plot, although they often appeared more earthbound than heaven-sent.
He began his ugly plan, which I indicated in a previous essay, by encouraging the so-called CyVirtue Protection AuthorityCO to machinate fragmentation within the Islah Party.
BETTING: 6-1 Vegas Boys, 7-1 Ceredig, 8-1 Cree, King of Charm, 10-1 Colonel Cotton, Drawback, Piccostar, Machinate, Mamichor, 12-1 others.
Machinate was unable to take advantage of his lenient mark last time but he's had a short break since and I expect an improved performance.
MARK BRISBOURNE took his tally for the year to 11 wins when sending out veterans Buscador and Machinate to complete a handicap double in the hands of Richard Kingscote and Tom McLaughlin respectively, writes Will O'Hanlon.
Liam Jones has made a bright start to the new year and took his tally for the month to five wins with a double on Harbour Blues for Tony Carroll in the 6f claimer and Machinate for Mark Brisbourne in the 1m claimer.