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By its nature, incriminatory machinations refer to acts done for mere vexing, harassing or injuring one's adversary and which tend to directly cause false prosecution.
Describing the council as inward and insular, the report says: "Over time, residents and service users' needs and rights have become submerged beneath an increasingly complex set of bureaucratic machinations.
As the young Faerie siblings, Kimber and Ethan, help Dana navigate Avalon, she also must discover whether the friendship and romance they offer her is genuine or only one more twist in the political machinations of her new home.
Siddiq -al-Farooq warned that if Sardar Atiq insisted on harming the integrity of MC, and did not desist from his machinations and conspiracies of harming the party, PML-N reserved its right to ensure the integrity and unity of MC, for the sake of Independence movement of Kashmir.
Armando Ianucci's wonderful political satire returns for a new series following the inside life of political machinations at Number 10 as the collection of incompetents, schemers and outright lunatics somehow conspire to run this country of outs.
I HAVE no understanding of and even less interest in the machinations of Newcastle United and, consequently, find your coverage in The Journal last Wednesday, September 3, excessive, to say the least.
Imagine Shakespeare without the blood, drama, political machinations and sexual intrigue.
O'Donnell clearly and accurately describes the Coalition and Iraqi Government's inept political machinations of September and October that led to RCT-1's finally being tasked to clear the city.
Set in the old west in the United States territory of Alaska, Cry of the Goshawk follows its pious young lead as he learns to love the beauty and wonder of the wild, a passion he retains even as he tries to adapt to the complicated machinations of society.
The program was enacted in 2002 with the advent of No Child Left Behind regulations but held up by Washington political machinations, he says.
In her desperate struggle to finger the true thief and protect herself from the machinations of a criminal empire, she meets Colt, a retired street hustler with the latest information on everybody and everything.