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Whether it is the simple deed of spreading intrigues against a person, or the more serious act of implicating someone in a crime that he has not committed, incriminatory machinations blemish an individual's character and may eventually ruin a person's life," she added.
These machinations have had a corrosive impact on the basic levels of trust that need to exist between a council, its members, staff, residents and users.
In many cases, the system of strong property rights works to protect people of limited wealth from the machinations of others.
Well, he never said that, but, as early champion Jens Hoffman noted, he is at least as fascinated by the fair's mercantile machinations as he is repulsed by its commercial imperative.
THE Fly on the Wall has read about the machinations of divorce among rich couples, and how the split of property can be a nightmare, especially when the husband is the big earner but the wife stakes a strong claim on account of her supporting interest.
Despite the evil machinations of the peddler, now a rich and influential man still in the business of buying children for nefarious purposes, the boy and his parents finally find each other and true love prevails.
Washington's decimation of our domestic energy industry has left our economy vulnerable to OPEC's machinations.
Though the machinations of the villain add suspense, this takes away from a wonderful Regency romance starring two delightful protagonists.
Nor can Satan's machinations be overlooked; he's none too pleased to be warded off by this powerful sacramental.
Brandenberger also offers an intriguing look at the political machinations underlying the regime's ideological twist and turns, including Stalin's personal interventions in debates about culture and history.
The body's innate wisdom can be infinitely more important than the machinations of the mind.
The same type of behind-the-scenes machinations that it took for Jackie Robinson to integrate baseball when he stepped onto the diamond at Ebbets Field as a darker Brooklyn Dodger in 1947 came into play when Althea integrated tournament tennis by competing at the nationals in 1950 and Wimbledon in 1951.