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Craley said while the new machine-mades "did provide a reason for customers who may have wondered before how they could do business with Momeni to come in...we already feel we're doing business with the best guys in the business and have been working hard to grow with them."
HANDMADE AREARUGS MACHINE-MADE AREA RUGS 2013 $905 2013 $1,516 2012 $879 2012 $1,458 +3% +4% ACCENT RUGS WASHABLE RUGS 2013 $1,029 2013 $749 2012 $1,009 2012 $749 +2% 0%
"There is nothing out there in the machine-made business like these designs."
That belief was echoed by Costikyan Home's recent introduction of machine-made versions of its most popular handmade Frank Lloyd Wright rugs.
Costikyan said going into machine-made was a big move for his company because it has always been known for high-end handmade rugs, but that the opportunity seemed right.
As the technology used in making machine-made rugs continues to improve, several suppliers, such as Feizy, 828 International Trading, Moren and Dynamic, are striving to reproduce the look and feel of traditional, hand-knotted rugs in machine-made constructions.
Sabry Rug & Textiles will show the Soho Collection of machine-made, hand-carved rugs.
Steve Mazarakis, president of Hellenic Rug Imports, said last year that he is trying to educate carpet store owners, many of whom are getting into area rugs for the first time -- often with machine-made rugs from large manufacturers.
Statistics show that machine-made carpet accounts for half of Iran's total export value of textile industries, Haeri reiterated.
Driven by e-commerce, technological advancements and changing labor markets, machine-made rugs have experienced a radical evolution, and more and more imitate the handmade category.
You have the machine-made ones for that and these are to be spread over those,' says Qudratullah.
Curated by Andrew Bolton, the exhibition explores the dichotomy between hand-made and machine-made fashion and will highlight 3D printed designs from talented designer Noa Raviv's "Hard Copy" collection, produced using advanced, multi-material 3D printing technology from Stratasys.