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Machine-made rugs used to be considered a low-end construction, but not anymore, said Meredith.
The exhibition explores the contrast between hand-crafted and machine-made design, which fits very much within our objectives of showcasing the design freedom that can be achieved using 3D printing technology.
He wants the government to ban the importation of machine-made carpets from Iran -- or at least impose a steep hike in the import duty.
In the past we have been contributing millions of dollars to the national kitty by exporting footballs but our share in the international market has registered a significant decline, mainly due to the use of machine-made balls for the main events.
The association earned some 794 million USD from machine-made carpets in 2008.
But machine-made kiltmakers say much of the industry would not exist if it were not for their techniques.
Parekh said: "The machine-made jewellery is mostly in 9, 12, 14 carat or 18 carat gold - preferred in the U.
Also machine-made is the transitional Paula Deen s Comfort, design to reflect Deen's casual, comfortable style.
Machine-made objects are considered by many to be better than hand-made ones.
To use parishioner-baked bread at the Mass seems much more meaningful than the use of machine-made altar breads.
The edging, obviously machine-made with a die, results in a clear, dry, and precise silhouette, and the works consequently bring to mind banners, heraldic coats of arms, or medieval emblems.