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But for fanatic Macintosh users this is like your mom telling you she's actually a serial killer.
The release of Flex Builder for the Macintosh helps ensure that our customers have a complete cross-platform, rich Internet application experience on top of the WebLogic Server.
Macintosh market share hovers around 10 percent - mainly because Apple Computer has heretofore not allowed "clones" of its machines to be produced by other companies.
He will receive several different models of Macintosh computers and iPods and a huge assortment of accessories, software and equipment to use with other items he won, including a Hewlett-Packard Photosmart digital camera and a Canon Elura camcorder.
0 for Macintosh includes a new Global Threat Assessment dashboard that provides the status of local computer virus protection and an overview of global threats allowing users to quickly and efficiently monitor their Macs' security.
Doctor Mac Direct's experts use an incident-appropriate combination of telephone, email and a unique Web-enabled control software system to communicate with Macintosh users based on their needs and connectivity situation.
We have taken the time to build a fast and elegant Macintosh accelerator that works within OS X, instead of merely porting the Windows version of Propel.
EasyWatch is the first PCMCIA card solution for digital terrestrial television worldwide and since its introduction for the PC in June it has been a great success in Germany," said Robert Both, CEO of Satelco, "With this cross platform solution we offer an unique product to the Macintosh community.
Using the Symantec administration console for Macintosh, IT administrators will have the ability to manage the most critical central administrative functions for distributing and updating clients protected with Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh 9.
Kurzweil 3000 for Macintosh was designed exclusively for the Macintosh platform," said Michael Sokol, President and CEO, Kurzweil Educational Systems.
Built on Nova's #1 best-selling Print Explosion engine, Greeting Card Factory for Macintosh allows you to create beautiful store-quality greeting cards for every conceivable occasion.
0 for Macintosh, which comprehensively guards against potentially disastrous events such as disk problems, performance issues, and virus attacks.