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Marvel macle its first foray into t his Jewish myth with "Lilith: The First Vampire" in Vampire Tale.
2009), available at Westlaw, DCREDMAI MACLE 2-1 (noting the admirable succinctness of the agreement involved in the case).
Van Macle, a high-end linen manufacturer in Belgium; Ulla Schunemann, an expert weaver based in Potsdam, Germany, made the others by hand on a two-hundred-year-old loom.
From pasta to coalballs and from papier mache ornaments to fertilisers macle from all kinds of waste products--these were typical of the novelties that Sir Hugh Plat advocated in the various books that he published between 1593 and his death in 1608.
Since then, MACLE has been collaborating with LibanPack in order to better the packaging standards of Lebanese products.