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In our study we used the single-slice manual segmentation technique around the fovea; however, rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease and systemic diseases may affect not only the macula, but all retinal and choroidal vascular structures.
Average foveal thickness of central 1 mm foveal ring along with average macular thickness of all the four quadrants of macula , within 3and 6-mm diameter circle, outside central ring of fovea was determined.
Fundus examination showed apparent sclerosis of the RAM, with persistent lipid exudate in the macula (Figure 3(a)).
There was no statistically significant difference in either groups between the preoperative and postoperative signal strength index (SSI) (macula: iStent group: before: 62.8 [+ or -] 7.3; after: 63.4 [+ or -] 7.9; p = 0.70; cataract group: before: 59.4 [+ or -] 6.0; after: 61.4 [+ or -] 7.0; p = 0.14; ONH: iStent group: before: 57.7 [+ or -] 8.0; after: 58.3 [+ or -] 9.5; p = 0.87; cataract group: before: 56.3 [+ or -] 8.0; after: 60.9 [+ or -] 8.3; p = 0.06).
El espesor de la papila y de la macula fue medido mediante la OCT, de forma que el area macular fue dividida en una rejilla de 6x6 cuadrados de 1x1 mm cada uno, mientras que la papila fue delimitada mediante un area circular de 3.4 mm de diametro dividida en 12 sectores (figura 1).
Diabetic macular oedema is diagnosed stereoscopically as retinal thickening in the macula. The patients were diagnosed as having Diabetic Macular Oedema by slit-lamp biomicroscopic examination with 90D lens.
As the macula begins to thin in this early stage of AMD, it sometimes, but not always, causes the loss of central vision.
"RCA has been serving the people of Arizona since 1980 and has earned national and international recognition as a leader in patient treatment and advanced clinical research specific to the retina, vitreous and macula," continued Dr.
Recently, a method for measuring local circulation has been developed using high-speed optical coherence tomography (OCT) to perform quantitative angiography.[sup][3] Using a split-spectrum amplitude de-correlation angiography (SSADA) algorithm, flow in the optic disc and macula can be quantified.[sup][3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15],[16],[17]
durangoana with maculae only on frons); female with dorsal macula on the frons (macula lacking in R.
We treated the thickened retina and non-thickened area of the macula excluding central 500 micron.
Age-related macular degeneration is a progressive, chronic disease of the macula, which is the pigmented area near the center of the retina.