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2) Disruption of the elastic lamina of Bruch's membrane in the macula acts as a prerequisite for invasion of blood vessels from the deep choroidal circulation directly into the retina (Figure 3).
Vitreomacular Traction or VMT was seen as hyperreflective band in the vitreous, which was adherent to the fovea, either centrally or paracentrally causing traction and pulling up the macula.
We applied these mild burns in a grid pattern in thickened retina and non-thickened area of the macula in a grid pattern excluding central 500 micron.
Small pupils present no problem think about that patient on pilocarpine whose macula and discs you haven't seen properly for years.
Even more significantly, these three carotenoids play a significant role in protecting the macula against UV light that causes oxidative stress, a key culprit in the damage caused to the macula during macular degeneration.
Funduscopy showed a binocularly dull macula area with poor fovea reflex.
Macu-Support supplies a well-balanced spectrum of key antioxidants that are important in maintaining normal retina and macula function in the eyes.
John Landrum, PhD, a researcher and expert on the macula, comments, "When we compared the amount of macular pigment, which is comprised of lutein and zeaxanthin, present in the eyes of people with age-related macular degeneration to people without the disease, those with the lowest levels of carotenoid accumulation in the outer retina were significantly more likely to suffer from age-related macular degeneration than those with higher pigment levels.
KEY WORDS: Duration of Macula off Scleral buckling Visual outcome.
Having a healthy macula and retina is just the secret," he said.