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viridis exhibits (at least in the last four instars), a gleaming white dorsal stripe from the occiput toward or reaching the base of the supra-anal plate, various white lines and maculations on the margins and lateral fields of the of the pronotum, white diagonal bands on the meso- and metathorax, and white longitudinal carinae on the face of the hind femora (Fig.
Close examination of the pronotal maculations combined with habitat and geographical proximity may provide a reliable means of separating nymphs of these three taxa, and have been used in constructing the following tentative key.
Whatever the cause of textual maculation, one must conclude that with respect to those places where rabbinic law departs irreconcilably from the written word, religious loyalty to this written word cannot have been complete.
In short, the intellectual irritations that accompany textual maculation are less irksome than the problems risked by eliminating textual difficulties through scribal intervention, thereby undermining holiness and disturbing links to the past.
For the critical scholar, the tension between scriptural maculation and scriptural sanctity is an elucidating factor in the analysis of biblical and rabbinic literature.
Hindwing with same color maculation as forewing, with large orange patch medially.
This and the following species have similar wing maculation and uniquely specialized flagellum with long scales, but the former can be distinguished by the forewing with a rounded median patch and a light orange terminal line along termen in both wings.
This new species has similar wing pattern and maculation with that of Hannara buloloensis Park sp.
The maculation on both wings are slightly variable within species and cannot serve as a good diagnostic character for identification.
Forewing more elongate, narrower; apex more sharply produced and termen more oblique than that of the latter; ground color orange white; maculation variable.
Forewing ground color pale orange; maculation slightly variable; post-median fascia forms distinctly 8-shaped.