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3], more or less joined cephalad by rectangular pale blue macule in Sc+[R.
Lichen aureus usually presents as asymptomatic golden or rust-colored macules (which may have associated papules or petechiae) on the lower legs.
Dermabrasion is an effective treatment for acquired bilateral nevus of Ota-like macules.
Detachment below 10% of the body surface area plus widespread erythematous or purpuric macules or flat atypical targets
The nevi present clinically as circumscribed, flat to slightly raised macules or papules.
Skin lesions were examined dermoscopically (magnification x40) and showed a microulceration or vesicle in the center of the macule.
The elementary cutaneous element was an erythematous macule in 5 patients and maculopapules in 1.
A 46-year-old Hispanic woman was incidentally noted to have four asymptomatic, hyperpigmented macules on the inner aspect of the lower lip (Figure 1) and one hyperpigmented macule on the inner aspect of the upper lip during a routine total body skin exam.
Clinically, a typical angiosarcoma starts out as a bruiselike macule that rapidly evolves into an erythematous patch, and then to a violaceous, ulcerated nodule or plaque.
Where as Claroxan[TM] works from the inside out (selectively concentrating ingredients in the retina and macule of the eye), Optimis7 works on the surface of the eye to provide instant effects.
5 mm from the anus Vascular naevus Irregular, vascular macule that blanches on pressure, with a smooth surface [6] Cutaneous haemangioma Proliferative vascular lesions that usually regress spontaneously, often associated with a lipoma [7] Coccygeal pit A sacral dimple, usually within the gluteal crease.