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Vitiligo is characterized by depigmented macules and patches that are widely and symmetrically distributed.
Prevalence of hypopigmented macules in a healthy population.
Actinic lentigo is a benign, brown macule that occurs due to chronic ultra violet damage to the skin.
2] extending just distad of distal end of macule in discal cell and in Sc-[R.
Blisters and well defined crusted erosion in the background of a hypopigmented macule with loss of hair and a tuft of hair tied around the leg.
Indeterminate type with hypopigmented macule and well-defined edges associated with slight sensory loss accounted for 7 cases (17.
The lesions appeared in both of them roughly simultaneously 2 to 3 weeks prior to presentation as a small reddish macule that evolved into a hemorrhagic bulla that ruptured and transformed into an enlarging ulcer.
Patients affected had highly erythematous pruritic macules typical of arthropod bites, sometimes associated with a linear erythematous macular tract that we called the comet sign (Figure 1).
No macules or patches were noted on either the oral or vaginal mucosa.
Angiofibromas (3 or more) or forehead plaque, Hypomelanotic macules (3 or more), Ungual fibromas (2 or more), Shagreen patch or multiple collagenomas, Multiple retinal hamartomas, Cortical dysplasia's (More than 3).
This neuro-cutaneous syndrome also presents with ash-leaf macules, hamartomas, shagreen patches, periungual fibromas and angiofibromas.