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In conjunction with the acquisition, MadCap also announced a new release of the Doc-To-Help product, which adds an Office 2013 ribbon interface look and feel, a new "Theme" wizard, a number of bug fixes, and inclusion of MadCap licensing and trial behavior.
Madcap Cottage's goal is to demystify interior design.
MadCap Flare allows technical communicators and content developers to efficiently author and maximize content reuse for delivery in any format including print, online, desktop, mobile, and completely responsive HTML5.
The Laughing Madcaps Group is most famous for creating, and making available for free, the amazing Have You Got It Yet?
Comply Or Die's dam, Madam Madcap, was not with Dibbs for long.
But that doesn't tell half the story of MadCap, an upstart software development company competing with the Goliath that is Adobe.
And I'm supposed to deliver a serious message about the crisis on our borders amidst this madcap hilarity?
This account of their search is a combination of nature trip, travelogue and madcap excursion filled with Manhattan socialites, rough coots from the bush and anecdotes about the weird Alexis, who needed his daily marijuana fix wherever he went and who collected scat and bodily fluids to use in his drawings of native animals.
MADCAP Irish TV gardener Diarmuid Gavin (pictured, right) is joining a celebrity line-up of Sara Cox, Nikki Chapman, Ruby Wax and other stars to be a celebrity show jumper in aid of this year's Sport Relief.
The result is a clunky, madcap caprice memorable for its sheer absurdity.
Clips from the 1970s madcap comedy are mixed with a history of the show, a question-and-answer session and celebrity fans discussing its importance.
While entertaining us by poking holes in the silly superstitions of that age and by recounting amusing tales of madcap royalty and armor-clad knights that "clatter like a crate of castings" as they ride, Twain's story unfolds at a much more profound level as a powerful statement about cultural change and modernity.