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EXAMPLE. An example is a case put to illustrate a. principle. Examples illustrate, but do not restrain or change the laws: illustrant non restringunt legem. Co. Litt. 24, a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"It seems like they have been made an example of as they have been dismissed from work."
Scott Frazer "The thief should be made an example like they did when they caught the mugger of Alan Barnes in Gateshead."
Bullies should be made an example of but, because of political correctness, teachers' hands are tied.
She made an example of Berkshire's Serasoft blanket that has become one of the company's best sellers.
"Sometimes the teacher made an example of us in front of the other students without explaining why it wasn't working or how it should work," says Dincolo.
Another unlucky individual who was made an example of was farmer's wife Jane Longstaff, who had walked the 16 miles to Hexham with Throckley pitmen.
Alan Ley's four made an example of Basil Holding's four finishing 22 points clear with a 34-12 scoreline.
Even when caught red-handed, a difficult feat since only two Scotland Yard detectives were detailed to pursue them and the cost of trying them went into thousands of pounds, they often earned derisory penalties: with some notorious exceptions made an example of, small fines, months rather than years in prison, or a judicial rebuke, since judges often thought that for a "gentleman" disgrace was punishment enough.
A LAWYER suggested an unmarried mother battling to access widowed parent's allowance is being made an example of.
Talking to media, Jutt Poultry Traders Chief Executive Ch Tahir Jutt said that the culprit involved in such heinous crime deserved no leniency and they should be made an example for future offenders.
Khuzdar, with a population of 270,000, can be easily administered and made an example as the first-ever 'green city', with zero plastic pollution, in Pakistan.
Whatever the actual reason is behind these acts, I suggest that the culprits, especially the one who has thrown shoe on PML-Quaid, Nawaz Sharif, be dealt with a stern hand and should be made an example in a bid to avoiding recurrence of such acts in future.