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The two potential witnesses were walking a dog at the time, and made conversation with another member of the public as they walked along Alexandra Road.
At Starbucks, Blackwood-Boutelle made conversation with the father of a 22-year-old UCLA student who has enlisted.
She made conversation and even offered to peel some potatoes but left quickly when the victim said her husband would soon be home.
Not only did everyone stare at our table, which made conversation virtually impossible, but laughter - an essential ingredient in our relationship - had to be restrained.
Our shopper liked the assistants chatting to her after she asked for help finding items, and although she had to queue for the checkout, the man who scanned the shopping made conversation and helped pack.
If the Angels were doing anything at all, the roar of the crowd made conversation with the person in the next seat nearly impossible.
She took our shopper to find several items and made conversation about the weather.
During various scenarios a total of 57 people spoke to him when he was alone but 1,170 people made conversation when he was out with the dog.