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Black | made friends, we didn't f*** around, we all "It was a lot of fun.
SIR - Today, most people in Britain were born to parents who themselves were born in different parts of the UK, married to someone from another part of the UK, have children who were born, then educated and now work in different parts of the UK; and most have worked, lived and made friends in various part of the UK; and, as blood is thicker than tribal instincts, the notion that they should be more loyal to a certain geographical area and to people they have never met, than to their own family and friends, defies all normal human instincts and logic.
One of the girls I made friends with had never had a holiday in her life till she started work with me and she JUST to say I've been reading the ECHO all my life and I'm now 78.
Of the 2107 holidaymakers polled, only eight per cent said they had made friends on their last trip abroad.
I did gain a little more confidence and made friends, and I'm proud to say got my degree.
The five-year--old used to refuse to speak outside home but then he made friends with donkeys at a riding therapy centre.
Most of the 30 refugees questioned said they felt British and had made friends with people outside their country of origin.
When Molly Ivins wrote, "We could have and should have made friends with Fidel Castro decades ago," she was right ("Fidel, You Ol' Fart," October issue).
Despite being blind, Bandy participated in a number of activities where she made friends.
Eventually, Bing Jing made friends with other students from foreign countries, whom she met in a special English class.
N'Dir soon made friends at school; before long, he ventured into the circle to dance.