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Black | made friends, we didn't f*** around, we all "It was a lot of fun.
After our arrests we were going into the complete unknown but in fact we made friends with the officers.
The last five years I made friends with a lot of guys with the Angels and so that was pretty tough.
Constantly he made friends with dancers who would follow him anywhere--even to Belgium where in 1988 he succeeded Maurice Bejart at Theatre Royal de la Monnaie.
RBN members constantly tell me how they have successfully made friends and big business connections through RBN," said Shafiee.
I did gain a little more confidence and made friends, and I'm proud to say got my degree.
The Shin children already have made friends with other Korean children in the complex.
Gabriel had made friends and picked up a Scots accent - by a judge here ordered him back to the USA.
There are no rules,'' says Levin-Pincus, whose youth was spent at art museums, where, she says, she made friends with her favorite paintings.
For 40 years our `citizen diplomats' have opened their offices, businesses, classrooms, and homes for professional, cultural, and social exchanges and made friends with the world's new leaders," said Brad Minnick, a board member of WorldBoston and the NCIV.
The five-year--old used to refuse to speak outside home but then he made friends with donkeys at a riding therapy centre.
The bubbly Sagoo even made friends among the notoriously poker-faced Secret Service agents, and ended up with mementos such as a T-shirt and pins to take home.