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The revised figure is an embarrassment for the Government, which has made great play of its success in bringing the backlog down from a record high of 103,000 at the start of last year.
Mr Portillo made great play of publicly backing Mr Hague during the election campaign.
The Mail on Sunday said: "In his interview on the Today programme this morning Lord Falconer made great play of the Prime Minister's desire to protect the privacy of his children, thereby once again suggesting that this was the issue behind the Blairs' legal action against the Mail on Sunday.
Sinn Fein last night made great play on the words "the wishes of the people".
When he was elevated he made great play that it would not affect his duties as a councillor.
Baker Tilly employment tax manager Mrs Angela Cornell said: "The Government has made great play of the forecast that by April, 2001, the level at which an employee starts paying NIC will rise to that of the personal income tax allowance.
Labour, which has made great play of being the party of open government, is guilty of obfuscation on a gross scale.
Mr Tony Blair made great play before and after the General Election of the need for Labour to be squeaky clean and promised he would not allow those who fell short of his own high standards to remain in office.
Some years ago, Erdogan had made great play of his success in starting a peace process with the PKK and its jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan, but this hurt his support from Turkish nationalist voters.
According to many Pakistanis, Imran's wedding to a BritishPakistani divorcee is an unsuitable union for rightwinger who has made great play of his Islamic faith.
The SNP made great play during the referendum about how the Unionists were refusing to promise a single job–creating power for Holyrood, as if they didn't know that governments don't create jobs.
The former First Minister Rhodri Morgan made great play about how open and transparent the Welsh Government was but that is proving to be just all talk.