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The Liberal Democrats made inroads at Labour's expense, inching into first place by just 234 votes in their target seat of Yardley, which is held by Education Minister Ms Estelle Morris.
The police plan to expand the Cops and Jocks program to other sports, and have already made inroads with water polo and softball, he said.
Forest City Ratner's plan is tied to the retail store Bradlees, which has made inroads into the city by taking over former Alexander's sites at Fordham Road and Rego Park.
Although wide-area Ethernet has made inroads into metro-area networks in Asia-Pacific, the growing number of market players continues to alter the industry landscape.
Irish youngster Michael Cummins scored the only goal after 18 minutes after Marc Bridge-Wilkinson made inroads down the left touchline before delivering a perfect cross.
We have also made inroads with military organizations on secure video applications utilizing e.
We have made inroads with international customers with Our Exchange Mux II, which has been well received internationally and we believe Release 2.
Therefore, because Tiger Team has made inroads with major online retailers and internet transaction processors and wants to better service its clients here in the US and now being recruited in the Pacific Rim, the company has opened a new office in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Several of these appointed distributors have already made inroads in the presentation of our products and we believe they will be successful in soliciting orders in the near term.
In partnership with over 400 of the country's top business organizations, NBMBAA has made inroads into a wide range of industries as well as the public and private sectors.