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But the work made little sense as a critique of MacKinnon's position, since it relied on the very sensationalism that such a critique would call into question.
The ministers' final communique made little mention of the problems facing Canada's junior mining companies.
Because operability and manageability of infrastructure components have made little progress in the past 15 years, we see IT operations now moving quickly in the direction of improved processes and purchasing advanced technologies that automate infrastructure management and analyze overall service behavior.
IT seems this year's rising carnage has made little impact on the Government.
The fact that the mainstream media made little mention of Kenkhuis's coming-out is typical all over the world, says Cyd Zeigler Jr.
Score 6 MARCO REHMER: Made little impact from his right-back berth.
It made little sense to stage the first round heats on Thursday with the semi-finals on Saturday and then a break of seven days before the final.
However, I find it disturbing to read reports that the Government and its allies have made little or no preparations to deal with the human tidal wave now on the move in the Balkans.
August's Stock Market Dip Made Little Impact on Demand
Read selectively, the Germania, in turn helped the humanists of Reformation Germany craft the image of themselves with which they challenged the papacy; indeed, Tacitus seemed especially relevant throughout the sixteenth century when, as Muret pointed out, it made little sense to read Cicero and Livy on the Roman Republic when there were hardly any republics left.
Despite the importance of these fossils, paleontologists have made little headway in understanding how they relate to later creatures.
The 1992 show that inaugurated the museum's SoHo space paired Carl Andres with Vasily Kandinskys, and Constantin Brancusis with Robert Rymans, installations which made little sense.