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The 'fit note', introduced last year, has made little difference to absenteeism
Although Moeen Ali (16), Freddie Klokker (one) and Nick James (ten) made little impression, Keith Bell (37) and Tony Frost (66) were also in the runs for Warwickshire.
No mayor wants to face this fact, so even though the bow-tied, Ivy-league Tony Williams seemed to be an improvement over the cocaine-addicted Marion Barry, he has made little difference in the performance of the city's bureaucrats.
Although researchers have been studying sleep for decades, they've made little progress in teasing out the genetic components that control this phenomenon.
Yet even as this critique of the existing order has gained credibility--Bill James, the most famous sabermetrician, was a best-selling author as far back as the late 1980s, while Michael Lewis's book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, which profiled one of the few general managers to take sabermetric ideas seriously, was a huge hit in 2003--sabermetricians and their ideas have made little headway with most of baseball's decision makers, who dismiss them as stat geeks and Rotisserie nerds (which, to be fair, more than a few of them are).
Seems we have made little headway in this regard since 1971's Sunday, Bloody Sunday, in which a bisexual male designer carries on simultaneous affairs with a woman and a gay doctor.
Midfielder Kleberson, who has made little impact at Old Trafford since a pounds 6million move in August 2003, hopes to be fit to play in the next few weeks - but the trip to Brazil has cost him a move before the transfer window.
As the youngest and least experienced, I didn't expect to receive serious consideration and therefore made little effort to distinguish myself.
GAO auditors also found that the agencies had made little effort to seek discounts from frequently used vendors.
While the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats might have seen impressive gains across Wales and the rest of the UK, it made little difference here.
The changes have made little difference in tourism travel to the South American country, says Antonio Agusto, director of Flytour Travel in Recife.
A strategy report by the council stated the waste and recycling team had made little progress on the targets although Broadgate House now has paper recycling.