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They made little progress, and as winter approached the floe was again stuck fast.
All this suggests that real estate investors around the world -- many of which also participated in the survey -- may be on point when they unanimously indicate that they have made little or no change in their investment strategy as a result of 9/11," said Dale Anne Reiss, of Ernst & Young's real estate group.
The early days of the Congregation had also made little allowance for expertise of any kind.
The United States has made little effort to clean up the explosives in Panama, and that has left a large amount of land too dangerous for human habitation and development," says John Lindsay-Poland, director of Latin American programs at the San Francisco, California-based Fellowship of Reconciliation, a nonprofit group that has monitored the environmental situation in Panama since 1993.
The court's ruling was influenced by Nebraska law, which made little distinction between divorces and annulments (Fred J.
We are left with the impression that Progressive reformers made little impact on the overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, therapeutic nihilism and heavy use of mechanical restraints that characterized this asylum by the early twentieth century.
Otherwise the company, whether as pirates or odalisques, made little impression.
A cross between The Twilight Zone and The Erogenous Zone, it was a kind of surreal Brigadoon for Bampots which made little sense.
But the work made little sense as a critique of MacKinnon's position, since it relied on the very sensationalism that such a critique would call into question.
The ministers' final communique made little mention of the problems facing Canada's junior mining companies.
IT seems this year's rising carnage has made little impact on the Government.