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PEACE. The tranquillity enjoyed by a political society, internally, by the good order which reigns among its members, and externally, by the good understanding it has with all other nations. Applied to the internal regulations of a nation, peace imports, in a technical sense, not merely a state of repose and security, as opposed to one of violence and warfare, but likewise a state of public order and decorum. Ham. N. P. 139; 12 Mod. 566. Vide, generally, Bac. Ab. Prerogative, D 4; Hale, Hist. P. C. 160; 3 Taunt. R. 14; 1 B. & A. 227; Peake, R. 89; 1 Esp. R. 294; Harr. Dig. Officer, V 4; 2 Benth. Ev. 319, note. Vide Good behaviour; Surety of the peace.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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P6 pupils exchanged peace doves with Portugal and P7s made peace bookmarks to exchange with a school in Greece and wrote peace poems to exchange with a school in Mallorca.
In 1721 Russia finally made peace with Sweden, taking over a large part of the Baltic coast that it would keep for nearly two centuries.
In 75 percent of these mice, the GAD made peace, in a sense, with the T-cells by helping the immune system realize that GAD belongs to the body's own chemical repertoire, says Kaufman.
He made peace with the Indians by buying from them the land occupied by the settlement (now the island of Manhattan) with cloth, beads, hatchets, and trinkets.
When asked about Real's late interest, he insisted he had not even asked his advisors about it because he had made up his mind to stay, and has made peace with Liverpool, the report said.
A were Jane work ace second But after his forced exit in 2007 Mourinho has now made peace with owner Roman Abramovich and could be crucial.
RAFA BENITEZ has made peace with Sir Alex Ferguson in a private letter.
The pair made peace at a hotel in Istanbul and offered their apologies to one other.
Early on, Meyerhold's double suggests that he is drawn to Camilla partly because she loves theater; partly because her deceased father and Meyerhold were brief acquaintances in Paris; and partly because Camilla is in "considerable distress"--she has made peace neither with the recent, sudden death of her cousin, Eve, nor with a series of older losses, including that of her brilliant but inattentive father.
Colossians tells us that God has made peace "through the blood of his cross." Neither Colossians nor any of our other readings nails that down with much specificity.
Ronaldo, set to face the Irish in a Dublin friendly on Wednesday, reckons it's time the Republic made peace with the Manchester United captain, who has not played for his country since a bust-up with then manager Mick McCarthy two years ago.
* At the beginning of the 2000 BCE, Abraham arrived in Beer Sheva where he dug wells, fought and made peace treaties with local rulers.