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His vision of his own future, unlike many such forecasts, could have been made public at any moment without a blush; he attributed to himself a strong brain, and conferred on himself a seat in the House of Commons at the age of fifty, a moderate fortune, and, with luck, an unimportant office in a Liberal Government.
They were arranged," said Holgrave,--"at least such has long been my conviction,--they were arranged after the uncle's death, and before it was made public, by the man who sits in yonder parlor.
And was that business--or was it not--a thoroughly dishonorable one-- nay, one that, if its nature had been made public, might have ranked those concerned in it with thieves and convicts?
To have his errors made public might ruin him for ever.
They appeared soon after the news of Lady Glyde's marriage had been made public in the newspapers, and had reached her through that medium.
Now, the chief engineer of the liner could have done no more, and no engineer of thirty years' service could have assumed one half of the ancient-mariner air with which Harvey, first careful to spit over the side, made public the schooner's position for that day, and then and not till then relieved Disko of the quadrant.
Eustace to decide whether he will open the inclosure--or whether he will leave it, with the seal unbroken, as an heirloom to his children, to be made public or not, at their discretion, when they are of an age to think for themselves.
Instead of the full 84-page report, only a 16-page summary was made public.
WASHINGTON (TAP) - The Senate Intelligence Committee's much-anticipated report is set to be made public on Tuesday.
THE Congress slammed the NDA government on Friday after the government told the Supreme Court that not all information on black money received from foreign nations can be made public.
FIFA'S ethics investigator has called for his secret report into World Cup bidding to be made public.
PESHAWAR -- The political administration of the Khyber tribal region made public on Tuesday a list of 70 wanted militants who the authorities say were involved in terrorist activities in the agency.