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2 million mosquito nets, equipments and drugs worth 20 million Nakfa have been made ready, in addition to campaigns in line with the plan outlined to prevent the prevalence of malaria during this year s summer season.
A specialist contractor will move into the derelict land in Bootle so it can be made ready to build houses on.
A fisherman raised the alarm and the two lifeboatmen dived into the water while their boat was being made ready for launch.
This has been to allow for the lift to be upgraded and major alterations made ready to install a passenger escalator at the city centre station for the first time.
In a rare public appearance, Lady Thatcher was given a tour of the hangar, near Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, where the V Bomber is being made ready for flight in a pounds 5 million-plus restoration project.
The Flat racing track will now be made ready for the 2006 Flat racing season next spring.
The intention had been for the children to start on Tuesday but the date has been altered to allow resources to be moved and Limbrick Wood to be made ready for the pupils.
Her husband, Mike - who is chairman of the British Horse Society Cymru - had the privilege of seeing the Gold Coronation Coach and the other carriages and horses being made ready in the Royal Mews.
The DFDA feed unit blends the ingredients of the mix and transfers them to the MWPA single-spout bagger, where the concentrate is packed and made ready for shipping.
He makes sure the equipment is not faulty and is made ready for winter by having the boilers and burners serviced and the system set at the appropriate temperature.
During summer shut downs, plants are made ready to begin production of new model year motorcycles and some facilities improvements and maintenance projects are completed.
The trial is designed to measure the ability of LSF to improve the functional yield of islet cells being made ready for transplant, and to maintain the viability of newly transplanted cells by blocking damaging inflammatory signals.