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Shorn of his graceful limbs, and brought down from his high estate to circumstances of utter destitution, and the deepest misery, he made shift to stump back to his old master, and beg for some relief.
To be cast away on an island had not entered into my calculations, so we were without a kettle or cooking utensils of any sort; but I made shift with the tin used for bailing the boat, and later, as we consumed our supply of canned goods, we accumulated quite an imposing array of cooking vessels.
KARACHI, September 21, 2010 (Frontier Star): Unknown angry persons resorted to aerial fire after burial of Nasir Ali, killed by the Rangers near Rizvia Chowrangi while aggressive mob torched tires and made shift stalls on Chowrangi on Tuesday As per detail Rangers began firing to disperse the rally which sparked further resentment among the protestors who pelted stones.