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Early in the 1990s he made the acquaintance of members of an amateur Czech astronomical society in the provincial town of Vlasim some 50 miles southeast of Prague.
IREMEMBER a late Victorian temperance song about a young teetotaller who left his country home and came to the city to seek employment, where he made the acquaintance of some college men.
On my trip, I also made the acquaintance of two highly attractive drought-tolerant woody plants that Valley gardeners could easily grow and enjoy.
On her first evening back in Paris she made the acquaintance of the Englishman Roland Penrose, who fell deeply in love with her.
It was at Luton Town that Heath burst into the world of football, and there too he made the acquaintance of current U-19 manager Mal Donaghy, before playing for Wrexham, Tranmere, various Finnish teams, Glentoran, Distillery, and Cliftonville.
Fred had made the acquaintance of American consul William Doty and they were brought together by their shared desire to stop the hall falling into the hands of speculative builders, which would have meant demolition.
But she has made the acquaintance of a trustworthy friend, Stonewall Smith.
In the early 1970's Elsing made the acquaintance of Evelyn Roberts at a seminar being held at Oral Roberts University, and eventually he agreed to transfer much of his huge collection to the Learning Resource Center of Oral Roberts University in the University Village retirement center.
Later, when I went to New York, I made the acquaintance of Jim Patterson, one of the old timers who was about ready to retire.
He also made the acquaintance of actor Sir John Gielgud (who invited him to England and introduced him to friends whose rooms he eventually rendered), and composer Richard Rodgers and his wife Dorothy, for whom he illustrated a book called "My Favorite Things: A Personal Guide to Decorating and Entertaining.
However, the River Dee, a feisty wench, won't be taken for granted and a couple of ferries have made the acquaintance of her sandbanks.
The personal contact I have had with prairie gardeners has assured me of the special nature of those people and I am honored to have made the acquaintance of so many amazing gardeners.