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Chris de Burgh's daughter Rosanna Davison also made the grade.
Most of the eight school districts that made the grade are rural districts with handfuls of non-English speaking students.
In Sefton, 84% made the grade in English, 81% in maths and 91% in science and in Wirral, 81% made the grade in English, 76% in maths and 87% in science.
Just 44 percent of LAUSD elementary schools made the grade this year, down from 70 percent a year ago.
This year, two women made the grade, and kudos to them for making the way for their peers and generations of women to come, not simply in terms of an award but in their field and in their countries.
Seems consumers got so tired of consuming things that sleeping pills made the grade.
Colfax's overall scores made the grade, but the scores of its Native Americans, 20 percent of its student body, didn't improve.