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You will be made welcome even if you are not a member of the association.
We 200 tickets for the away Any supporters who want will be made welcome, away end.
BAE Systems made welcome advances yesterday as the bounce-back on London's FTSE 100 Index continued apace.
He would be a great asset to the event and would be made welcome by everyone.
People like Duke should never be made welcome in Ireland.
But knowing the people here, she'll be made welcome," director of The Hadley Wood Association, Rod Armstrong, said.
Years of good work could be undone if the GAA does not move quickly to ensure Darren is made welcome in the game he has grown to love.
In fact any type of packaging undertaking would be made welcome to join the few, which are already operating highly successfully in the area.
She made sure that all were invited and made welcome.
Yet when her father-in-law and her husband died, she returned with her mother-in-law Naomi to Naomi's homeland and was there made welcome and accepted.
They should know that they will not be made welcome this week.
Everyone is made welcome and this annual event is worth a visit next year - it starts at 5pm.