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Our turbines scream shrilly; the propellers cannot bite on the thin air; Tim shunts the lift out of five tanks at once and by sheer weight drives her bullet wise through the maelstrom till she cushions with jar on an up-gust, three thousand feet below.
BUSINESS leaders' optimism has fallen significantly as a result of the recent political "maelstrom", a study suggests.
Dorsey 's China and the Middle East: Venturing into the Maelstrom (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) does.
As a direct result of actions performed by the expedition of the player's character, an intelligent entity has awakened in the depths of the underground complex -- an unstable AI nicknamed Maelstrom. Upon breaking loose, it will change the world under the Dome beyond recognition -- all connection to the outside world is lost, and the denizens trapped within the Dome become desperate and split into warring factions.
Unfortunately, it's a case of mistaken identity but in order to avoid a media maelstrom Christine is forced to lie.
90cm Speed & Joker: 1 Beri Brown (Lucy); 2 Annie Sandell (Midnight Maelstrom); 3 Zoe Millar (Hank).
Cohen; AMERICAN MAELSTROM; Wetware Media (Nonfiction: Political Science) 24.95 ISBN: 9780199777563
Bangkok Glass unleashed a maelstrom of attack on the hapless April 25 with 61 scoring spikes while the Koreans responded with just 38.
In "American Maelstrom: The 1968 Election and the Politics of Division" he provides a detailed analytical history of the election of 1968 which was immediately caught up in a swirl of powerful forces, and the nine men who sought the nation's highest office that year attempted to who attempted to ride those political forces to victory--or merely just survive them.
Summary: For not allowing the Mideast maelstrom to distract the world's attention from the longstanding suffering of the Palestinian people, France must be commended.
Into the Maelstrom tells of an uncertain peace in the Cutter Stream colonies: one based on uncertain behaviors in general and the efforts of Allen Allenson, a man all too familiar with war in his life, who wants nothing but a peaceful future--something that may be impossible given the distance between government control and the colonies.
The company announced the so-called Maelstrom browser on their blog stating the browser should ensure an open internet.