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Clepper explains the mystery this way: "Allegedly, it was under Gifford Pinchot's influence--although precisely how it was brought about is not clear--that the Association's magazine was renamed Conservation.
The idiosyncratic "personality" of a magazine that has attained the maturity of a genuine identity arises from many sources.
The magazine also constantly switched printers and publication frequency.
magazine ranks first with the highest percentage increase in growth of single copy newsstand sales and FAST COMPANY magazine ranks third, according to the just-released FAS-FAX report.
Simply put, every magazine published in America has regional strengths and weaknesses.
The first step is to find a magazine distributor who is willing to perform a community service.
This will be the only teen magazine boys won't be embarrassed to be seen reading.
Like Ebony, they provided an opportunity for ambitious black magazine writers and editors to develop and hone their craft and careers.
Now you can toss out all those dog-eared magazine clippings stashed in drawers and cabinets that you're always searching for when you want to make a favorite recipe.
Nevertheless, the features of the magazine, including a shopping service that allowed women to order clothes through the magazine (and thus avoid the inconvenience and humiliation attendant to shopping in segregated communities) and the employment of dark skinned models, made the world of fashion more democratic.
If a magazine is in good shape, it should hold 30 rounds with no problem.
In this instance, owners of the radio network envision the magazine as a stepping-stone to enhance its contact with growers.