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What you just read in that magazine which seems to cause you so much excitement.
But this isn't that," and Tom picked up the magazine and leafed it to find the article he had been reading.
To-morrow" appeared first in the Pall Mall Magazine.
I think it would be nice just to call it Our Magazine," she said.
Our Magazine is to be 'a feast of reason and flow of soul.
From the women's pages of the Sunday supplements, and from the women's magazines in the free reading room two blocks away, she gleaned many idess for the preservation of her looks.
She even ventured a rag carpet, which, the women's magazines informed her, had newly returned into fashion.
There were books and magazines piled up in the window of a stall a few paces down the street.
He planned to buy some more clothes, to subscribe to many magazines, and to buy dozens of reference books that at present he was compelled to go to the library to consult.
I never thought much of that magazine, anyway," said Diana hotly.
One day Anne took to the Post Office a long, bulky envelope, addressed, with the delightful confidence of youth and inexperience, to the very biggest of the "big" magazines.
In broad lime-light," he answered, studying the magazine again, "to set eyes on my own once more.