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MAGISTER. A master, a ruler, one whose learning and position makes him superior to others, thus: one who has attained to a high degree, or eminence, in science and literature, is called a master; as, master of arts.

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Los aspectos destacados para fundamentar dicha contribucion se refieren a los aportes a la "disciplina del Trabajo Social" y a la "critica del programa y/o tema en estudio" para el caso de los graduados del Magister en Trabajo Social, mientras que los graduados del Magister de Trabajo Social y Politicas Sociales reconocen un aporte en la "descripcion de los programas y/o temas" asociados a estos programas sociales.
Using TEM methods, three types of hemocytes were identified in Cancer magister. Hyalinocyte cells were the smallest cells with the highest N/C ratio (Table 1), and these contained no granules (Fig.
The book's final chapter draws together the English and Spanish threads of the story and ties up several loose ends that all point to Magister Jacobus de Ispania as both the nephew of Eleanor of Castile and the author of the Speculum musicae.
Magister Advisors is a boutique Investment Bank, with offices in London and Silicon Valley, advising international technology and Internet companies.
Throughout its range, Metacarcinus magister is infected by the nemertean egg predator Carcinonemertes errans Wickham 1978.
Pope Francis had since removed Burke from this latter appointment - a humiliation, described Magister.