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So said common gossip; but the fact was sufficiently established by the interference of the police on at least one occasion, followed by certain magisterial proceedings which were reported with justifiable gusto and huge headlines in the newspapers aforesaid.
Noah Claypole, or Morris Bolter as the reader pleases, punctually followed the directions he had received, which--Master Bates being pretty well acquainted with the locality--were so exact that he was enabled to gain the magisterial presence without asking any question, or meeting with any interruption by the way.
And what a handle would it be for the opposition magisterial party if the story got abroad!
Nupkins, with magisterial dignity, as Job was brought in--'what prevents me from detaining these men as rogues and impostors?
Obtaining the necessary Ferenc Pest County Hospital Eduard FlEr operation of medications, infusions, LMWHs, magisterial and other substances in quantities of one year in 1179 in part.
Much of the discussion of feminist theology and magisterial teaching on women focuses on a particular issue, such as sexual ethics or the ordination of women to the priesthood.
Magisterial District Judge, Allegheny County, Magisterial District 05-02-08
Surplus officers and workers: LG System had surplus numbers of workers and officials comparing with the old magisterial system.
Such is the magisterial advice in the Ideal Home Show's rewrite of the 1955 Good Wife Guide.
Louis or Saudi Arabia, rather than the thunder of magisterial fulminations.
This is not surprising, for science today has achieved such a magisterial position that anything can be sold by claiming it as scientific.
It seems magisterial and impartial, wonderful in its universal sympathy, until one examines it more closely.