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He then overviews magisterially the tremendous range of consumer organisations and consumer politics emerging from the Progressive era through to the New Deal.
Halkin's imperial intellect has for decades ranged magisterially over literature, history, and politics.
In recent times scholars have studied and interpreted themes such as Garzoni's link and obedience to the Catholic Reformation in Le vite delle donne illustri and in his condemnation of intellectual and religious heresy in L'hospidale de' pazzi incurabili and La sinagoga degli ignoranti, his interest in the physiological nature of madness in L' hospidale; his polemical stance against ignorance not only as intellectual lack but also and especially as moral sin which needs to be extirpated through erudition and scientia in La sinagoga; his encyclopedic categorization of "cervelli,"--equated both to "temperamento" and "ingegno" in Il theatro--and of human professions existing at Garzoni's time, magisterially exemplified in La piazza di tutte le professioni del mondo.
Li's art is sometimes loftier and more ambitious, but even his black mountainscape, which soar and plunge magisterially, have a roughness of line that acknowledges the scruffiness of the earth.
His book is meticulously re searched, magisterially written, and ultimately creative in its attempt to work out the connections and disjunctions between Heidegger, Adorno, and Brecht through the intermediary and culturally iconic figure of Holderlin.
The 400th anniversary of the launching of the Baptist movement is a fitting occasion for reviewing the history of Baptist theology, and such reviews have been done magisterially in two massive and quite dissimilar books, William Brackney's Genetic History of Baptist Thought (2004) and now James Leo Garrett's Baptist Theology.
Bob and Laura Collins were both like that: magisterially generous human beings.
are heaps of human bones," Weldon magisterially concludes that "the test of a system's vitality is the consolations for dying it proposes.
Masterfully and magisterially crafted, English's sweeping narrative conveys the complexities and contradictions in the development of both Trudeau and Quebec and the shedding of their parochialisms.
1) Imbelli goes on to emphasize the importance of Dulles's theological work in regard to the Second Vatican Council: "Few have contributed so magisterially to the elucidation and appropriation of the council's ecclesial vision as has Avery Dulles.
In spite of being a burned-out shell with one tower missing and in a condition described by EH as "very bad", it still looms magisterially over one end of Rodney Street.
Magisterially summing up this intellectual tradition, Michael Podro's book Depiction (1998) draws attention to the complicated ways in which we respond to pictorial content.