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(15.) Entrevue avec Mark the Magnanimus, 3 novembre 2011.
Vir mihi magnanimus, duce quo caelestia coenae Munera divinae vasti per murmura ponti In Mundum transvecta Novum, Solemque cadentem Carmen erit.
No livro III, a figura de Cristovao Colombo ("magnanimus heros"--v.
Note that Domitian is also labelled magnanimus at Theb.
His first concession is to allow the mass killing of animals, a practice which had been part of the original ceremony in Ephesus: "And the spectacle was, certainly, to end in the destruction, by one mighty shower of arrows, of a hundred lions, 'nobly' provided by Aurelius himself for the amusement of his people--Tam magnanimus fuit!" (1:236).