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His first concession is to allow the mass killing of animals, a practice which had been part of the original ceremony in Ephesus: "And the spectacle was, certainly, to end in the destruction, by one mighty shower of arrows, of a hundred lions, 'nobly' provided by Aurelius himself for the amusement of his people--Tam magnanimus fuit
Quanta perturbatio cum Mediolani princeps Philippus Maria sine ulla virili prole diem suum obiisset et sola Diva Bianca, tanquam altera Lavinia, Vicecomitum domum et tantas sedes servaret, nisi magnanimus et post hominum memoriam fortissimus imperator Franciscus Sfortia dignus esset inventus qui id gubernaculum iure coniugii exciperet.
The remaining three books are dedicated to concrete examples, some drawn from classical antiquity and others, equally pertinent anecdotes and examples taken from his contemporaries in the golden age of the Naples of Alfonso the Magnanimus.