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He littered it with tuning- forks, magnets, batteries, coils of wire, tin trumpets, and cigar-boxes.
Harold March frowned at the tablecloth; then, after an interval, he said: "I think I understand your notion of how the thing was actually done; according to that, Morris just made a hole and fished it up with a magnet at the end of a string.
He didn't say," replied the shaggy man, wrapping and tying the Love Magnet with great care and putting it away in another pocket.
Even though the magnetic field needed to levitate the frog is much larger than that of a household magnet, it's still low enough to be reproduced easily in a laboratory.
Magnet Management LLC has previously licensed its stock selection process to John Nuveen and Co.
The permanent magnet industry will start to see the end of serious RE shortages as new supplies begin to hit the market during 2013 and beyond, with new designs and new materials.
We don't want any other kind of magnet at our new Quebec City facility.
In researching her book, Kahn says she learned that around 1900 magnet therapy was being taught in medical schools and products were offered in the Sears catalog.
The global magnet market currently represents a multi-billion dollar industry.
The magnetic strength of this magnet greatly exceeds that of what had been the most powerful magnet in the world.
Using organic chemistry to control the structure of the organic molecules in turn provides a handle for controlling the structure and the properties of the magnet you make," Hicks says.
The first point of reference in identifying heat-related magnet problems is the magnet's duty cycle.