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The new magnetic card readers in the OASIS II system are
Trakkers, LLC, a leading provider of lead retrieval equipment to the trade show industry, announces the availability of the industry's first hand-held, lightweight, battery operated unit with 3 different built-in readers to support magnetic cards, RFID technology, and both 2D and 1D barcodes.
The magnetic card and a secret code must be delivered within a maximum period of 8 days.
Provision by Flow Magnetic Card fuels for vehicles CIG - regular trips throughout the Ile-de-France, and punctual in France - fuel: diesel, unleaded 95, unleaded 98.
Those opting for debit or credit cards simply slide them across a magnetic card reader, and similar to a cash machine, debit card users must enter their Personal Identification Number.
Designed for ease of use by both consumers and merchants, the Secura features both a magnetic card reader and an EMV chip card reader, a backlit keyboard and LCD display, and a physical privacy shield to ensure transaction security.
NYSE:TNS), a leading wireless payment transaction gateway, and Semtek Innovative Solutions Corporation, a leading developer of mobile card-reading technologies, announced the certification of Semtek's Mobile Swipe(TM) magnetic card reader line of Nextel cellular phones on the Synapse Payment Gateway operated by Transaction Network Services (TNS).
All that is required is the cardholder and simple and inexpensive power source much like commonly used magnetic card readers found in many retail operations globally.
Ergonomic features include operator handgrips, bi-directional magnetic card reader and a customer-side electronic payment interface with insert-style magnetic card reader and PinPad.
In the near future, visitors will obtain faster, easier and more convenient access to this popular tourist destination, as existing magnetic card access is replaced by Philips' contactless chip technology used in a contactless smart card system.
Contract notice: Supply of fuel and additive magnetic card for the purposes of vannes agglomeration
Resellers targeting the law enforcement sector, for instance, can deploy Casio's IT-3000 data terminal, which features a built-in high-speed printer with magnetic card reader and C-MOS imager.