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TO COMPASS. To imagine; to contrive.
     2. In England, to compass the death of the king is high treason. Bract. 1. 3, c. 2 Britt. c. 8; Mirror, c. 1, s. 4.

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The basic design of an aircraft's magnetic compass like the top one in the sidebar on the opposite page places two small magnets on a metal float inside a bowl of clear fluid similar to kerosene.
Burt had studied solar navigation, and he had a solution: Discard the magnetic compass altogether and take direction from the sun, whose location could be predicted with pinpoint accuracy.
Developed in cooperation with Vectronix, BAE Systems provides the uncooled thermal channel base and the selective availability anti-spoofing module GPS with a government-provided Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module, while Vectronix provides the x7 direct view optic, the 5-km range fibre-based laser rangefinder, and the digital magnetic compass.
By aligning the iron wires as an example, the students are prompted to predict and explain the direction in which the magnetic compass needle is pointed according to the dipole small-magnets model, when the needle is placed near the container of iron wires before and after the container has been stroked several times with the "N" end of the magnet.
He said, "A new vulnerability to now consider is the potential disruption of the magnetic compass in the monarchs by human-induced electromagnetic noise, which can also affect geomagnetic orientation in migratory birds.
A typical model is a carotenoid-porphyrin-fullerene molecule, a model system has demonstrated the feasibility of a chemical magnetic compass (Maeda et al.
These changes had a significant effect on nautical instrument manufacturers, as the magnetic compass for a wooden sailing vessel was very simple but for steel vessels much more was required.
Never mind a 'moral compass,' with local and national LibDems heading in opposite directions any old magnetic compass would help them.
Of course magnetics has found an important place in medical imaging (MRI) and at least two animal groups (sea turtles and bats) have been studied for their ability to use a sixth sense to navigate which may be related to an anatomical built-in magnetic compass.
Liverpool twins and craftsmen Charlie, left, and Dick Hinde at work on the Distant Reading Gyro- Magnetic Compass, dubbed the 'wonder instrument of the RAF', which combined a high-speed gyroscope and magnetic compass.
Seebeck reported for the first time on his observation that a magnetic compass needle is deflected when the junctions in a closed loop of two dissimilar metals or semiconductors are at different temperatures, at a session of the Berlin Academy of Sciences on December 14, 1820 [1].
While flying back to Detroit, from the Masters, in Augusta, Ga, I had an interesting magnetic compass experience.