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j[omega]t], the constitutive relations between polarized current density vector J and electric field vector E for magnetized plasma with arbitrary magnetic declination are given by Refs.
However, computation of this so-called magnetic declination was never completed.
The software has a variety of other functions, including the ability to calculate twilight times and determine the magnetic declination for a given location.
Voyages undertaken for exploration, settlement, or trade might also produce scientific knowledge as a side effect, as Columbus's first voyage did when he observed magnetic declination (see 1492), or Magellan's when the Magellanic Clouds were observed (see 1678).
Problem # 3 a) Update the navigation database CMA-9000 is designed for helicopters EC-135;b) Updating the database of obstacles EURONAV IV + helicopters EC-135 and the simulator;c) Update the navigation database EURONAV IV + helicopters EC-135 and the simulator;d) Update raster maps to EC-135 helicopter and simulator - 2014 edition takes into account recent amendments magnetic declination.
Updating databases raster EC 135 helicopter and simulator - including the 2013 edition Polish your coverage area taking into account the current magnetic declination corrections.