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Cost effectiveness: The cost of ATA magnetic disk storage continues to drop, making it more and more competitive to optical and tape media.
David Thompson (retired) are being honored for their invention of a technique that produced the first practical and manufacturable thin film magnetic head, which increased the density of data stored on magnetic disks and dramatically reduced the cost of data storage.
The US Department of Defense has an often-quoted specification for data shredding on magnetic disk media.
Storage technologies, such as WORM on magnetic disk, enable the "locking down" of data, enabling corporations to prove it has not been tampered with or deleted, but with the responsiveness and reliability of magnetic disk and its associated RAID protection.
CF Cards consists only of common memory data storage whereas CF+ is expanded to include the I/O devices or magnetic disk data storage, depending on the specific application.
With best-in-class arc management and dual output, AE's Pinnacle Plus+ system permits this customer's equipment to sputter both sides of a magnetic disk simultaneously.
The notion that magnetic disk capacity would outpace tape is also misleading.
2] on state-of-the-art magnetic disk drives --a recording density 40 times greater than todays top commercial offerings.
Company) (Nasdaq:IVAC) has received an order for a 200 Lean([R]) magnetic disk sputtering system scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2007.
Tape is being used to fulfill this important data storage requirement for two reasons: tape capacities have continued to double every 2-3 years and outpace magnetic disk capacity using compression; and the cost advantage of tape over magnetic disk solutions is tremendous.