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Motor torque can create a q-axis magnetic flux path in the radial direction if magnets are embedded deeper, allowing for reluctance torque to be utilized.
When there is magnetic flux passing through steel plates, the magnitude of frictional force acting between steel plates, is given by the Eq.
In case of using the lower energy density magnets, like ferrite or AlNiCo, there are still various possibilities to improve the magnetic flux density in the air-gap.
The stator resistance becomes higher, increasing Joule losses, but it is compensated by the reduction of iron losses due to the magnetic flux density reduction.
According to Lorentz law, when exposed to a magnetic field, moving charged particles experience a force proportional to the product of their velocity and the magnetic flux density.
This allows to better identify the applicability limits of numerical integration for magnetic flux measurements in electromagnetic rail launchers.
Magnetic levitation systems use the repulsive force between magnetic flux for motion, whereas Olev uses magnetic flux which is converted into electrical energy to drive motors.
Uncontrollability of the air gap magnetic flux due to the fixed excitation provided by the permanent magnet (PM) and limited operating-speed range are the main disadvantages of permanent magnet BLDC machines for variable speed applications [3,4].
While an ELTL can be seen as an electric structure whose longitudinal conductors carry a time-varying current and where a transverse electric voltage exists between conductors, an MGTL can be seen as a magnetic structure whose longitudinal wires carry a time-varying magnetic flux and where a transverse magnetic voltage exists between wires.