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Because VORs are updated at different times, you can find very different inbound and outbound courses on a victor airway because of different magnetic variation.
differences of three degrees or less may result from equipment manufacturer's application of magnetic variation and are operationally acceptable.
The GPS calculates the magnetic course by conjuring the great circle route based upon the lat/long value of two VORs, and then adds the local magnetic variation at the aircraft's present position.
In this same context, another alignment with less magnetic variations in relation to the ones described above is also observed.
An alternative structure was proposed by the astronomer Edmund Halley in 1672 to account for the magnetic variations observed by mariners.
Magnetic variations on Piton de la Fournise volcano.
At last week's meeting in Boston of the American Geophysical Union, an international team unveiled a map of the minuscule magnetic variations in Antarctica and the seafloor surrounding it.