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Magneto Special Anodes has operations in Schiedam, the Netherlands and Suzhou, China.
When quizzed about his ideas for his character Magneto, Fassbender said: "Well, I can't really tell you, I want it to be in the next one.
By focusing X-Men: First Class on Magneto and Xavier's formative experiences, Singer can flesh out how two best friends fell out and came to such different world-views.
After inspecting the plane's engine following the accident, the NTSB determined that one of two magnetos that provide electric current to the spark plugs was defective.
The screenplay tells the story of the man who later called himself by the codename Magneto, because of a genetic mutation that gives him the ability to manipulate magnetism and use it to control metal.
LTO and SDLT formats utilize magneto resistive heads that are able to support higher densities and data rates, while minimizing the negative impacts of temperature and humidity variations.
As the flywheel starts to turn, the magneto sends current to the engine controller, which determines where the piston is, when to inject the fuel and fire the spark plug -- all inside of one revolution.
Similar to CDs, magneto optical drives allow you to overwrite your files and jump from track to track.
The magneto ignition system itself cannot determine the quality of mixture in the combustion chamber.