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However, if the scope you're considering has a maximum magnification of more than 10X and you plan on living in the top half of the magnification range, FFP reticles are the way to go.
A rear focal plane reticle (also known as a second focal plane reticle) is more traditional and keeps the reticle clearly visible and the same size In all magnifications.
Target sights exceed 40X, double the magnification of the spotting scopes I used in competition!
Placing the reticle in the first focal plane allows the mil/MOA marks to be used at any magnification setting, so the rifleman can adjust his magnification to fit his particular needs, knowing his reticle is still calibrated.
Using the same focus settings at the highest available magnification that a transmissive tube can achieve (FIGURE 4), however, shows the differences very clearly on the details of the 25 [micro]m diameter wires.
This 100,000-fold intensity increase is simply the magnification squared, which means a magnification of 316x.
However, 74% of all the participants strongly agreed that magnification loupes made exploring easier and 67% strongly agreed that magnification loupes improved their posture.
The Rohs-compliant objectives are available in four models with 2X magnification, with focal lengths of 8mm or 10mm.
The medium-powered lens (4X) had increased magnification, but also gave us a slightly blurry target.
(22) While properly fitted, magnification loupes have been associated with improved posture, there is limited quantitative research to support this assumption.