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If we're really worried about parallax, we can dial down our magnification, thus reducing the amount of parallax, as the light is manipulated less aggressively inside the scope.
In a variable scope the erector lenses also slide back and forth inside the length of the tube, changing magnification.
Clinicians may be attracted to the flip-up option due to the versatility offered by not needing to remove the loupes for activities not requiring magnification.
The strength of the second focal plane is it is large and easy to see on the lowest magnification setting (in this case IX) while being calibrated usually at the highest setting.
The site is also optimized for accessibility and is MSAA and W3 Compliant with screen reader software like JAWS for Windows, Window-Eyes, System Access NVDA, and Hal, and computer magnification software like ZoomText, iZoom, Magic, and SuperNova.
Magnifications are arranged without pattern (an image at 47x is followed by one at 21,000x, then one at 192x), which could be confusing to the reader in developing an understanding of relative size.
Available with either an angled or straight eyepiece, each Euro offers 20X to 70X magnification and a large 82mm objective lens that allows a lot of light to reach the eye.
If a little more magnification were required, illuminated hand magnifiers can be obtained with magnifications of up to around 10x, although up to 4-5x would be entirely adequate for use in primary care practice.
One of the harder aspects to get right on a scope of this magnification range is the reticle, especially when the reticle is in the first focal plane.
2 kg, the sight operates in the 8-12 [micro]m wavelength, has x 1 magnification (the thermal image is transferred into the x 7 magnification day sight), a FOV of 107 x 43 mils, a resolution of 1.