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After building their magnified rhombi, the PSTs noticed the growing patterns of the perimeter, area and number of "original" rhombi used to build each rhombus.
OUT OF JOINT: This stunning structure is the magnified centre of a brittle human bone; LEAF IT OUT: This autumnal scene is actually polymer semi-conductors for TVs; ILL DEFINED: Blown-up shot of bacteria that can give you a nasty sore throat; FRUIT FANCY: Not raspberries but man-made bone for orthopaedic implants; I SPY: Scientists at work; OIL PAINTING: Frozen mayo with droplets of oil in egg yolk
A shot of carrot seeds magnified two times (honorable mention) could easily be the pattern on a silk necktie.
For a Newtonian material, it is magnified to the third power.
Make a magnified image of the inside and sheet side of the fabric, using a digital camera; this can be used to determine if the wear on the fabric is sheet side or inside," said Randy Kimpfbeck, papermaking services manager, Albany International Corp.
In 1957, Hirschowitz developed the first clinically functional flexible esophagoscope, which featured a fiberoptic light source, a circumferential magnified view, and channels for instrumentation and suction.
Where there is sympathy for this kind of work, we find that it has been allowed to pass as an expression of "sincerity and insight" magnified by the lore associated with cult figures like John Lennon.
1638), that if one lens magnified somewhat, two would magnify to a greater extent.
The cost of an individual procedure is magnified by the approximately one million new cases of cancer each year, including 135,000 new cases of breast cancer.
Washington, June 28 ( ANI ): Scientists have created a slim telescopic lens that has the ability to switch between normal and magnified vision.