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SuperNova Magnifier & Speech has the added benefit of natural-sounding voices to speak web pages, apps, documents and emails, as well as reading aloud characters and words as the users types, boosting their confidence and productivity.
If a patient with low vision uses additional magnification to do basic daily tasks, then they should expect their magnifier to have the same quality optics as a spectacle lens.
We see M5 as a breakthrough product, designed to provide the best image quality of any handheld video magnifier, along with the best user experience.
According to the enhanced vision handbook, the Merlin HD video magnifier is designed to enlarge and enhance images to improve the lives of people who have low vision.
Joshua said: "Many people, both at home and abroad, can't afford digital magnifiers and I feel this could be the solution.
Or try the free built-in screen magnifiers already on your computer: Magnifier in Windows 7 or Vista and Zoom for Apple's Mac OS X.
Rachel Smith, of the Warwickshire Asociation for the Blind (front) with the magnifier and (back, from left) Jo Dyke and Mike Sherwood, of the Heart of England Co-op, and Margaret Sherwood.
Caption(s): Fulcrum Marketing's Readers Friend LED magnifier light / Fulcrum Marketing's LED Tap Light has many uses throughout the home, car and workshop.
The magnifier and measuring device section of the catalog includes a diverse range of magnifiers and measuring devices including Linen Testers, Microscopes, Collimators, and more.
Slowly focusing the metal grip of the 6x16 magnifier, she could make out signs and read posters across the room.
The degree of magnification of a magnifier is expressed as a numeral followed by an X, such as 3X.
The optical-quality glass magnifier has a multi-layer conductive coating, and all steel parts are coated with static dissipative varnish.