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Magnify Capital is a private investment company focused on acquiring residential real estate in markets throughout the United States.
Looking ahead; Magnify Signs is excited to introduce new technology that will enhance ability to create "custom" signage, expand capabilities with lobby signs for various business environments and launch new electronic signage products.
Users wearing the contact lens are required to wink their right eye to magnify their view, and their left eye to return to normal vision.
You can also magnify your computer screen with products like PCMate--a desktop video magnifier that connects to your laptop without even plugging in.
The July 10 launch date was aggressive, giving both the and TOH teams slightly less than 3 months to build a sophisticated integration.
The company explains that Magnify captures data on a message bus.
Featuring a live band and performances by some of today's hot gospel artists--Byron Cage, Martha Munizzi and RiZen,--you can magnify the Lord and get your inspirational workout on at the same time.
These funds magnify the growing dominance of these non-physical positions in the nickel and stainless market.
For his new duet, Out There, May 22-June 8 at Dance Theater Workshop, Jasperse will magnify the intimate quality of his earlier work by zooming in on long-time collaborator Juliette Mapp and himself.
Their magnifying of each its kind with delight calls to mind how she did in her stored magnify the Lord....
Previous telescopes could only magnify three times but Galileo's refracting telescope could magnify objects 20 times making it possible to use it for astronomy.
Vocabulary: Case, clue, conclude, crime, discover, disguise, evidence, examine, fingerprint, identification, incognito, information, investigate, law, locate, magnify, monocle, mystery, observation, search, secret code, sleuth, solve, trail, uncover, walkie-talkie.