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Mr Miller gave the following advice: Consider storing objects such as magnifying glasses, mirrors, spectacles and glass ornaments away from windows, Take extra care during the autumn and winter months when the sun is low in the sky.
In the evening, morning and during the winter, when the sun is lower on the horizon, the shallower angle at which the sun''s rays hit the earth means that it is particularly important to be aware of objects, such as magnifying vanity mirrors and glass ornaments, which may be left exposed to direct sunlight.
Extendable magnifying wall mirror PS49 from John LewIs, www.
SPLURGE SPLURGE Bathroom Origins square frame magnifying wall mirror PS99 from Occa-Home, www.
The company offers the most comprehensive line of electronic magnifying solutions and has helped thousands of people regain their visual independence by providing the ability to read, write, watch TV, enjoy a play and live again.
When you're a kid, magnifying glasses are exciting, mysterious pieces of equipment, used by detectives to uncover clues or employed to magically capture the power of the sun to set fire to small piles of leaves.
A MAGNIFYING glass started a house fire at an Anglesey property after being left out in a bedroom.
A powerful LED lamp with magnifying lens is available for added precision, flexibility, and comfort in engineering, assembly, laboratory, and inspection applications.
The newest desktop video magnifier (or closed-circuit television) in the Aladdin family of magnifying products is the Apex Pro, which incorporates an adjustable flat-panel monitor with the same features of the Aladdin Apex and Genie Pro.
These incredible images - showcasing the latest in magnifying technology - have been produced at the University of London's new NanoVision Centre, which was unveiled yesterday.
The RLM Series Magnifying Lamp offers surgeons superior magnification and illumination with unparalleled durability, performance and economy.
Magnifying the growing role of funds, Benham said that commodity funds have grown from managing around $25 billion several years ago to more than $150 billion this year.