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Recently, Stanley Fish, a prominent left-wing academician who believes that political correctness is good for you, and Dinesh D'Souza, a prominent right-wing analyst who believes academia has become a thought-police state, began doing little two-man shows, appearing jointly at college campuses to denounce each other with polite magniloquence.
Certainly, the glass cases and the wall cabinets brim over with the Boroque magniloquence of diamond and emerald tiaras, minute little diamond eggs, cufflinks, earrings and diamond and aquamarine pins which are almost like glittering spider webs and unequalled in the world today.
The press release for David Salle's recent exhibition of his new "Vortex Paintings" is conspicuous in its magniloquence, claiming that the spiral at the center of these ten large oil-on-linen works creates an "unprecedented sense of spatial depth.
She may not have been quite humourless in the magniloquence of her portrait of her patron Dr Boucard (1928).