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These philosophical insurrectionists have been nibbling away diligently, century after century, at the core of western thought, at its delusions and deceptions, at its magniloquence and manipulations.
Had the project ever been realized, he would probably have repainted Thomson's varnished Claudian landscapes in the manner of Hitchens or Nash, and replaced his magniloquence with reserve, but his source would have remained there as the unnegotiable substrate of the enterprise.
But it can also choose to play on different terrain, where allusion replaces explicit declaration, a discreet and almost modest aspect replaces magniloquence, and suspension and expectation replace direct affirmation.
Out of that high style developed from Marlowe through Johnson, the seventeenth century separated two qualities : Wit and Magniloquence .
For everyone they impressed by their magniloquence, they equally repelled another.
Lowell's magniloquence appeared passe by the time he died, in 1977, and his work had nothing to say to the new exponents of literary theory.
Unfair & Unbalanced: The Lunatic Magniloquence of Henry E.
She seems to like that, or at least deems no further jests are apt to be of much avail (I am by nature a sober sort, given more to magniloquence than to barbed wit), and she gives me a little reassuring pat on my bum, whereupon I'm soon back at my work, which--if game for her--it is, delightful though it may also be, for me.