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The two paintings by Salvator Rosa, one of a Neapolitan braggart, and one of The Prodigal Son as he sobers up surrounded by cattle, lack Salvator's customary magniloquent drama.
And then she sat at the top of the stairs and wept, for her failure and for her loneliness; for the impossibility of protecting any friend against danger; for her first memory of Mim, magniloquent and so strangely fearful, and f or Mim's new courage.
First, Scaliger explains at some length the three styles (high or magniloquent, unornamented or plain, middle or mediocre), their effects, uses, and means.
But we are less likely to swoon at the effect than a native speaker; in fact, we are liable to be wary of such effects as overly sonorous, excessively magniloquent.
A feature of Young's intellectual project is to incorporate the Elizabethan delight in metaphors both decorous and indecorous, constantly embellishing her prose with a poetic juxtaposition of the grand with the prosaic, "a constant alternation of the magniloquent and the colloquial" (Tuve 215).