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MAIDEN. The name of an instrument formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.

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Janet, now 68, first opened her dance school in Hartburn aged only 18 under her maiden name Dickinson, after beginning her teaching career aged 15.
Honeywell is her mother's maiden name, and the birth was in Bristol.
Using her maiden name, the wounded mum received support from her Twitter followers who praised it as the "best tweet ever".
One application from a woman who sought to use her maiden name had been rejected by the yzmir 9th Family Court.
Apart from mother's maiden name, security question related to first school attended can also be used as a potential tool for hacking into one's account.
Even better, a very nice foreign man (whose spelling and grammar is not so good), has offered to pay me a huge sum of money, if only I send him my bank account details, my mother's maiden name and all my PINs.
Summary: Royal bride Zara Phillips will keep her maiden name as she marries England rugby hero Mike Tindall.
W at is the maiden name of Carole Middleton, mother of the Duchess of Cambridge?
Side note: my mother's maiden name was Rosenberg, and my grandmother's maiden name was Kaplan.
He did the same for the woman's maiden name, though this time the pigeons carried the paper slips from western Ohio to New York.
Her maiden name is Kristina Buckingham, known as Kris, who lived at Stonehenge Croft, Druids Heath, until the late 1980s, when I believe she got married to Ray Jones.
My mother's maiden name was Milliner, also of Coventry.