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MAIDEN. The name of an instrument formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.

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I know women who have changed their names in their personal lives, yet kept their maiden names at work, so they are still recognisable; women who have changed their names because it's the one request their renaissance husbands made; women who plain want to change their name so they can feel like a little team; and women who would never consider a name change.
The most recent trend is for married women to move their maiden name to middle name, and the Florida government has been quick to reflect this, along with many other states allowing maiden to middle name change without a court petition.
Even better, a very nice foreign man (whose spelling and grammar is not so good), has offered to pay me a huge sum of money, if only I send him my bank account details, my mother's maiden name and all my PINs.
It is understood that the decision to keep her maiden name was made because of her career as a sportswoman.
LOOKING BACK: Hilary Gee and Audrey Eastwood, whose maiden name was Clayton, with Wentworth School photographs of pupils from 1949 and 1951 (AC050609Breun-02)
Fiona Cowie's first step towards a new life was to go back to her maiden name after her divorce
Sturgis, whose maiden name was Palaniuk, had five brothers and sisters in the class with her.
This is my first horse, and I named her after my mother's maiden name," said Partridge.
The city's Health Department would want my father's name, my mother's maiden name, the name of the hospital I was born in, and my reason for wanting the copy.
As he looked for the tree, he noticed several nearby gravestones with his wife's maiden name.
I am even glad, in a way, when strangers randomly encountered on the phone express pleasure when learning of my mother's maiden name and otherwise seem to approve of my presence on Earth.
In a newspaper article written raider her maiden name, Cherie Booth, Blair endorsed the European Commission on Human Rights, which will be incorporated into U.